Youth Ministry

Our Young Ministry to those 12 and up is dedicated to creating an atmosphere that encourages youth to celebrate in Christ, connect with others and communicate their destiny and purpose out loud. We believe that they are the powerhouse generation that will change the world for the Kingdom of God. 

About Powerhouse

Biblical Foundation

Our biblical foundation is Proverbs 22:6

Our Ministry to Teen Youth

Vision Statement

We seek to provide holistic approach to Christian learning and development through fun, food and relationship. We offer social gatherings that create laughter and friendship for our young teens.


Our mission is to provide a place of open expression and excitement to teen youth that they may experience God in their culture and at their level of understanding

Target Audience

Our target audience is teen youth from 13-17 years of age who are seeking to connect. We do so through the following movement:

  • The Revolution
  • Community Outreach
  • Leadership training
  • Fun Parties
  • Performing Arts 
  • More

Meeting Times

Contact us for next meeting date and time. .

About the revolution


Our Revolution Movement

The Revolution host offsite and onsite fellowship, concerts and events to minister to our teens and those abroad in the Body of Christ. We are radical for Jesus and express it in seriously fun ways. Here is a list of some of our efforts:

  • Bowling Night
  • Skating Night
  • Rock Climbing
  • Swimming Parties
  • Concerts
  • Community events
  • Radical Conferences
  • Christmas Programs
  • Movie Night
  • STEAM Program
  • And more...